Titles are hard

I just submitted an image to GAMESTORM, where indie developers submit concept art and stuff and I got to say it’s a pretty great site and if you haven’t either submitted something or browsed the pieces you really should. I’ve found some cool stuff on it. The only bad thing is the process of new content takes like, centuries. I’ve submitted one other thing before and it took like, months.

Yo yo troggs I got dat sweet sparklin’ concepts fo ya’ll

Yeah, the first design is pretty old and I originally had this idea where a robot spider with a giant mouth kind of descend from the ceiling or whatever. I mean, it’s not bad, but like I said it’s old and I go back and change designs and stuff because I wanted to fit a certain theme.

Re-doing it I made it into this sort of chunky robot centipede that does the exact same thing.

Please note humes that while it may appear as “tip” making me look like a retard it actually animates so that is why it looks like “tip” *adjusts bowtie*

Giving the illusion of deep game design is funny to me because there are million dollar games being produced that do the exact same thing. You take a simple concept and “make it busy” so people don’t notice how awful it is. It’s like playing Metal Gear and you have to tap “Triangle” for several hours to save snake from torture.

Basically a giant robot centipede chases you down a elevator tunnel and you have to push left or right repeatedly in order to slam into the sides before a giant beam fries your elevator car. CRAT GAM~

→ Feb 26 2012 / PERMALINK